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I dreamt i visited Carrie in her apartment and she was taking care of Moshy, felt i should've brought the extra toys i found here, but saw she was roling around on her back the way happy cats do.

IRL, i'm glad she didn't have to sit through 10+ hours of annoying music from outside yesterday.

Quick update

My leg's almost fully healed. :)

Now to stick to regular plentiful sleep again.

Also, remakes tend to be cheap cash-ins. I guess that's pretty obvious already. Still, U.S. voice acting is so much more spirited than the Dutch.
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Creep Van: 7.0 / 10. ("Scary as Hell." My ass.)
Red Planet: 5.8 / 10. (Wrong on radiation, gravity, inertia, etc.)

In other news, my back/thigh pain makes this the first time in my life i use painkillers more than a day, and they really work. :)
It should be over next week.