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Shiny Beacon

Always remember you're more loved than you think.

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Opera 12.04 fails to restore my session, and devs ignore calls to not load all tabs on startup. Chrome still fails at completing saves after closing tabs, and Firefox developed an annoying Flash lag.

My lower back hurts; i should sit straight yet keep moving. 95% goes away in 6 weeks; if not, call the doctor.

Missed gaming due to being bored at work, where my phone was already on DST, and the back thing distracted me, but mostly already having gamed on Friday and Sunday (Natural Selection II free weekend - Not as busy and intuitive as hoped. I'll stick with TF2 and Starcraft.), with voice chat.

On the way home my train had a 10 minute delay, which turned out to be a 1 minute delay as a darkened train passed by and we had to wait for the next one 30 minutes later. Then, expecting to miss my connection as usual, it actually arrived just in time! Leaving me without dinner. On the way home, i found out that this major city's main snack bars close at 20:00, if not sooner, and that two more businesses closed/changed hands.